When money dies, 100 years later

Mises Institute/Jeff Deist

“History shows us how money dies. Yes, it can happen here. Only a fool thinks otherwise.”

USAGOLD note: An unpleasant reminder of perhaps the king of unintended consequences – hyperinflation. Even unintended runaway inflation of the sort experienced in the 1970s could be enough to levy untold personal financial damage to the unprepared. The best course of action, in our view, always has been and remains a judicious hedge in precious metals fully owned and in your possession. Deist, the president of the Mises Institute, issues a detailed and thoughtful warning at the link above. We suggest spending some time with it.

line chart showing gold's performance during the nightmare German inflation of the 1920s

Please see Gold as a hyperinflation hedge (BlackSwansYellowGold)

Repost from 12-16-2020

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