Thanksgiving dinner succumbs to inflation

AdvisorSmith/Adrian Mak

“AdvisorSmith found that a basket of Thanksgiving foods costs approximately 9.8% more in 2020 when compared to Thanksgiving of 2019. The foods included in our analysis were turkey, vegetables, and baking & bread. Vegetables included were potatoes, cranberries, squash, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, and pumpkin. Baking and bread products included flour, white bread, milk, eggs, and butter.”

USAGOLD note:   As the article linked above points out, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was served at nearly a double-digit increase over prices last year. Pilgrim Powell will give thanks: His dogged determination to inflate appears to be gaining a foothold. At the same time, as the Ramirez cartoon below suggests, that inflation comes with a side dish – a cornucopia of government debt.

Ramirez cartoon of a Pilgrim finding a cornucopia of debt

Cartoon courtesy of

Repost from 11-30-2020

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