IG says gold, silver uptrend kicking back into gear – silver could outperform

IG/Joshua Mahoney

photo of gold and silver American Eagles“Given the widespread perception that the dollar is a haven asset, a decline in the dollar highlights a move into riskier assets over safer bets. Thus it should not necessarily surprise us that silver outperforms as the traders look for risk. With that in mind, the dollar decline forecast by many for 2021 could bring significant outperformance for the price of silver.”

USAGOLD note:  We caution that silver’s volatility works both ways. In short, the downsides relative to gold can be just as pronounced as the upsides as a good many silver investors have discovered over the years. Silver should not be viewed, in our estimation, as a substitute for gold, but a complement – something that gives the investor who understands it, and is willing to shoulder the risks, greater upside potential.

Repost from 12-21-2020

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