Goldman is trumpeting new secular bull market in commodities and investors should listen

Seeking Alpha/KCI Research Ltd.

cartoon image of snorting gold bull“Goldman Sachs is on board, with their head of commodity research, Jeffrey Currie, stating on Dec. 8, 2020, that the world is entering a long-lasting bull market for commodities. Most investors are not positioned for this forthcoming reality, even though the transition is already underway … The good news, if you are reading this, is that we are early in this transition process, and there’s still plenty of time for those who have enjoyed an amazing decade plus long bull market in traditional stocks, bonds, and real estate securities, to reposition their portfolios to benefit from the winners of the next decade.”

USAGOLD note: Commodities, in general, will benefit from the rotation KCI Research envisions – but the king and queen of the commodities are gold and silver and they are likely to be the most direct and easily understood beneficiaries. Goldman’s Jeffery Currie, by the way, has been a staunch advocate of gold and silver ownership over the past few years.

Repost from 12-23-2020

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