Gold: Prepare for unprecedented volatility

Seeking Alpha/Equity Management Academy

“For gold, is the top in? If you look at the fundamentals, it does not appear to be so. This correction appears to have been an opportunity for those who missed the previous move to get into the gold market. We recommend 15% or more of your net worth being in gold. Some trade 80% or 90% of their net worth in gold. We have not yet seen the true demand for gold or what the demand can do to the price of gold. Gold at $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 may be reached. If we don’t get the economy back to some sort of normal, gold is just going to keep rising.”

USAGOLD note: We hadn’t looked at a chart on gold volatility in a while and were surprised at the sharp rise since mid-July.

line chart showing gold volatility on the rise in 2020Sources: Chicago Board Options Exchange, St. Louis Federal Reserve [FRED]
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Repost from 8-17-2020

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