Gold macros are beyond powerful; price to see $3000 to $5000 says billionaire investor, Thomas Kaplan

Stansberry Research/Interview of Thomas Kaplan

photo of pile of Swiss 20 franc gold coins“Let’s put it this way, gold still remains on Wall Street and in the west probably the most under-owned, least crowded trade in the global financial markets. … The era in which gold was the asset which people loved to hate and hated to love is starting to come to an end. We’re still in the very early innings. It’s still a smart money trade as opposed to a big passive money trade but that’s about to happen.”

USAGOLD note:  Daniella Carbone, who is now with Stansberry Research, interviews Thomas Kaplan, who offers some interesting views on the impact of what he calls “bold-faced” names now involved in the gold business – like Buffett, El Erian, Mobius, Dalio, Gundlach, Rogoff. This interview is highly recommended. As always, Kaplan has profound things to say and Carbone does a good job of drawing him out on the important subject introduced above. (We referenced this interview in this morning’s DMR and repost it here for those who may have missed it.)

Repost from 10-24-2020

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