Gold: Inflation is accelerating.

Seeking Alpha/Equity Management Academy/11-26-2020

cartoon image of a man watering gold coin-money tree with ideas“Corn went from $3 to $4.29 a bushel. Wheat went from $4.71 to $6.38. Gold went from $1450 to $2089. All are signs of inflation. We see a combination of pent-up demand and a broken supply chain, leading to inflation. Reinforcing both those factors is the massive printing of money by the government. Stocks related to home improvement and lumber are also shooting up as demand increases and supply chain issues continue. As vaccines are developed and become available, it is bullish for gold because as the economy comes back, everyone will want to travel, renovate their home, travel and spend, spend, spend. Therefore, demand will sharply increase, leading to shortages and inflation.”

USAGOLD note: Says the Academy, “We are looking at a historic gold market unfolding.”  Recommended reading at the link ……

Repost from 11-30-2020

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