A falling glass

Blain’s Morning Porridge/Bill Blain

blindfolded seeker can't see lighted room
“It’s been feeling autumnal all month – this morning I was woken by lashing rain, followed by a clear blue sky at 7.00 am. As I finish the Porridge, its blowing half-pelicans out there! Even blowing the young olives off the trees on the balcony in front of me. It’s an equinoxal gale – with more rain and wind to come. I know that because I watched the weather forecast. Markets in these uncertain times feel much the same, hope followed by despair… Up and down… However, financial forecasting of markets is not a science – it remains a dark art. Markets are all about behaviours – which are notoriously difficult to predict.”

USAGOLD note:  The unknown.  Gold’s ever-present advocate. “The trick,” says Blain, “is surviving and staying afloat: to avoid being caught on the lee shores of default …”

Repost from 9-30-2020

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