Think your nest egg is safe sitting in cash? Think again, says Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio

MarketWatch/Shawn Langlois

“I believe that increasingly there will be questions by bondholders who are receiving negative real and nominal interest rates, while there is a lot of printing of money, about whether the debt assets they are holding are good storeholds of wealth,” he said at the time. “I believe that cash, which is non-interest-bearing money, will not be the safest asset to hold.”

USAGOLD note:  Dalio does not mention gold as an alternative in this article, but he’s mentioned it before. In this interview, he touts the yuan and investments in China. The yuan has gotten some attention of late as it has appreciated strongly against the dollar. The problem with currency-based investing is that the fiscal and monetary policies of central banks and governments are completely unpredictable, and even more so in an emergency environment like we are experiencing now.

line chart showing the rising Chinese yuan against the year to date 10-7-2020

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Repost from 10-8-2020

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