Scorched earth

Credit Bubble Bulletin/Doug Noland

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“In reality, there’s plenty to worry about. As welcome as positive vaccine news is right now, the conclusion of the pandemic will not, unfortunately, usher in a return to normalcy. The massive amount of debt noted above will overhang the system for years, as will deep scars throughout the real economy.”

USAGOLD note:  We see extraordinarily large numbers – like global debt soaring to a record $277 trillion – and often they simply do not compute. Doug Noland manages to put some meaning behind that global debt number and a few others in this piece with the quote above serving as an appropriate bottom-line assessment. Here’s another eye-catcher with a similar warning, this time from the Institute of International Finance: “There is significant uncertainty about how the global economy can deleverage in the future without significant adverse implications for economic activity.”

Repost from 11-23-2020

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