Physical silver investment expected to surge to a 5-year high

Silver Institute/Fundamentals Update

photo of pile of silver bullion coins

Physical investment is expected to surge by 27 percent to 236.8 Moz in 2020, which would be a 5-year high. The largest retail market for bars and coins, the US, will lead the way with a projected 62 percent gain. This reflects the impact of increased price volatility and healthy price expectations. … The most significant development in the silver investment market this year has been the strength of silver-backed exchange-traded product (ETP) demand. Year-to-date gains (through November 13) have reached 326 Moz. As a result, global holdings have for the first time comfortably surpassed 1 billion ounces, achieving a new record high of 1.062 billion ounces.”

USAGOLD note:  As reported previously, silver demand at USAGOLD has been strong all year. We have consistently provided our clientele with silver bullion coins and bars at competitive prices despite the pandemic while keeping premiums low when compared to other retail outlets. In fact, our premiums on silver bullion coins at the present are lower than most of the competition.

Repost from 11-19-2020

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