‘Huge’ 400-year old 5+ ounce gold coin to be auctioned in Warsaw

TheFirstNews/Stuart Dowell

photo image of 1621 polish 100 ducatPhoto courtesy of TheFirstNews and DESA Unicum • • • Click to enlarge

“Measuring nearly 7 centimeters in diameter and weighing a hefty 174.9 grams (5.44 troy ounces), the 50 duct gold coin from 1621 is a masterpiece of baroque engraving and a pearl of Polish coinage.  … The gold piece is one of only six similar coins. One of them, a 100-ducat, was sold in the United States in 2018 for a staggering USD 2 million.”

USAGOLD note:  By way of comparison, the Brasher doubloons, the so-called holy grail of American numismatics, was recently offered for $15 million in private sale. It will be interesting to see what this unusually large and very rare 1621 Polish 100 ducat gold coin will fetch in the auction sale to be conducted by DESA Unicum in Warsaw at the end of November.

Repost from 11-19-2020

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