Gold ranks in top five most commonly owned investments among U.S. investors

World Gold Council/Staff

photo stack of modern gold bullion coins

“Potential investors are put off by the feeling that they don’t know enough about buying gold. In both countries {the U.S. and Canada], 7 in 10 of those investors who have never bought gold but are now open to it said they lacked the necessary know-how.”

USAGOLD note:  At USAGOLD we have always prided ourselves in educating first-time investors – taking the time and providing the means for would-be owners to learn about the investment and find their comfort level. This website is a testament to that commitment and you will find us just as dedicated to that notion should you decide to contact us personally to discuss your needs and concerns. We have thousands of clients – some stretching back to the 1970s and a long history of efficiently and economically serving their investment needs. We invite you to become a client of the firm.

Repost from 11-12-2020

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