Three reasons why this gold correction could be the last below $2000

Seeking Alpha/Austrolib

photo showing a stack of gold kilo bars“In real terms though, there will almost certainly be no decline in the price of sound money. Meaning versus production-weighted real assets, the GSCI Commodity Index, gold will likely skyrocket again as it did during the deflationary panics of 2008 and March 2020, because gold tends to fall much less in dollar terms than other commodities during these periods. Meanwhile, the dollar price will inevitably catch up as it always does after the money supply skyrockets once again. For all these reasons, this ongoing correction in gold could be the final opportunity to buy below $2,000. Once we cross that threshold a second time, we will likely never see anything below $2,000 gold again, and it will be off to the races.”

USAGOLD note:  An interesting read at the link …… His three immediate reasons why we may never see gold under $2000 again are a bit off the beaten track but certainly well worth your consideration.

Repost from 9-26-2020

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