Silver linings: The asset that’s outperforming gold (and most other investments)

–– An In-Depth Weekend Read ––

photo of pile of silver bullion coins

SpectatorLife/Matthew Lynn

“It could have been technology stocks such as Amazon and Zoom, of course; or government bonds; or cash; or a property, preferably in the countryside. As the Covid-19 crisis rippled around the world and locked-down economies crashed into one of the worst recessions ever recorded, there were plenty of different ways investors might have tried to ride out the storm. But there was one asset they could easily have overlooked, and yet which would have outperformed almost any of them: silver.”

USAGOLD note: Year to date the S&P 500 is up 6.29%.  Gold is up 24.54%.  Silver is up 34.2%.

overlay chart showing gold silver sp500 performance year to date through 10-5-2020

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Repost from 10/8/2020

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