Silver like gold on steroids

Streetwise Reports/Peter Krauth

“By all accounts, silver’s being driven by its monetary metal characteristics. The jury is out on whether gold or silver was first to be used as a currency, but we do know that they were used going back at least 5,000 years.  Fans of both metals should be happy, since the oldest known coin is the Lydian trite from around 600 BC. It was made of electrum, which is a gold and silver alloy. Still, silver was the most commonly used metal in daily transactions until the 20th century.”

USAGOLD note:  More and more investors see silver as a vehicle for long-term asset preservation. They see it as having the same safe-haven characteristics as gold but still greatly undervalued at current prices – even after playing catch-up over the course of the past several months.

Line chart with annotations showing historical silver bull markets

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Repost from 10-14-2020

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