Silver investment demand will power silver to a new all-time high

Seeking Alpha/Bob Kirtley

graphic image of gold and silver complementary crowns“Try to avoid the day to day and even the week to week oscillations in the silver market as this is no more than a distraction from the emerging bull market in the precious metals space. Concentrate on the big picture, the impending recession and the non-stop printing of money for these are two of the main drivers behind the realization that hard assets are the place to be. Prosperity is blood, sweat and tears and the ‘money from thin air story’ will end in sorry for many of us. If this is a new sector of the market for you, then read as widely as possible in order to gain a broad but thorough understanding of why you need to own some silver and some gold if your budget will stretch that far.”

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Repost from 10-21-2020

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