Is Joe Biden about to send silver soaring?

ZeroHedge/Tyler Durden

photo of three silver bars “As Goldman’s Mikhail Sprogis explains, ‘with global infrastructure stimulus tilting towards renewables, and solar in particular, silver stands out in the metals space as the obvious beneficiary. Solar investment accounts for around 18% of silver industrial demand, or 10% of silver total demand.’ As a reminder, previously Goldman argued that bullish exposure to solar is an important component in the bank’s $30/oz target (in addition to sharply higher gold prices on currency debasement). Below we present some more thoughts from Goldman why the continued green frenzy could soon send silver sharply higher ……”

USAGOLD note:  Interesting that silver could gain impetus from the green movement …… Much more on this subject at the link.

Repost from 10-14-2020

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