Investment appetite for gold will rise post-election

ETF Trends/Ben Hernandez

photo of Swiss Helvetia 20 franc pile of gold coins“Investment appetite for gold will continue to rise, particularly in the period that follows the U.S. election. In fact, we reiterate that the long gold trade is likely agnostic to the election outcome — and gold bugs need not look too far on the horizon to expect a large-scale fiscal deal that could de-bottleneck the ongoing real rate suppression,” – TD Securities, Canadian investment bank

USAGOLD note:  As gold remains in a pre-election muddle, some are predicting a strong post-election rally. TD Securities vocalizes what a good many are thinking when it says: “A blue wave would lead to global reflation, which would be the most positive outcome for gold.”  At the same time, a Trump victory coupled with gains in the Congress could produce an equally large dose of Republican-style stimulus. Bottom line? Own gold. Sit back. Watch the show.

 Repost from 10-16-2020

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