Gold watchers say don’t rule out U.S. election turmoil yet

Bloomberg/Yvonne Yue Li and Ranjeetha Pakiam

graphic image simulating a bumper sticker reads "2020 presidential election"“The stock market is riding high, taking Joe Biden’s widening lead in the polls as a sign to discount the odds of a contested election. But some investors say it’s too soon to count out turmoil just yet, and that gold is poised to benefit from the uncertainty.”

USAGOLD note:  Checking the polls in mid-October 2016, we see that Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump by sixteen percentage points ……… Three weeks is not a long time in an ordinary life, but it is an eternity in an election year.  Too, as this article emphasizes, no matter who wins the result will probably be contested.

Repost from 10/8/2020

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