We are all speculators

TalkMarkets/Peter Krauth

Cartoon image of investor thinking 'decisions, decisions . . ."“The truth is, gold’s price adjusted for inflation is still 48% below its 1980 high at $875.Today, that price would equal $2,900. In the grand scheme, it still looks cheap. With the tens of trillions of dollars unleashed globally in the Covid-19 pandemic’s wake, gold’s just getting started. Although you might be a speculator without wanting or intending to, that doesn’t mean you have to take huge risks and can’t be intelligent about your allocations.”

USAGOLD note:  It escapes most investors – particularly those who avoid economics at all costs – that even savings are a speculation because the currency saved can depreciate in value.  That does not make the reality, though, any less real.  That is why portfolio balance is so important – as Krauth explains briefly and effectively at the link above.

Repost from 8-7-2020

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