Money is not supposed to be free.

King World News/Eric King interview/7-26-2016

graphic image of a ornately decorated gold keyUSAGOLD note:  Yes, the date of the interview as posted above is correct. It still has enduring value, though, and speaks directly to the situation in financial markets today. Jean-Marie Eveillard offers insightful observations on the European Union and gold.  On the latter, he suspected in 2016 we were in the first stages of a new bull market and he was correct.  At the time, gold was trading in the vicinity of $1320 per ounce and it had risen in the previous six month period from a low at $1050. “Gold,” he said, “represents an attempt to protect one’s self against extreme outcomes.”  We invite you to listen carefully to the voice of reason . . . .

Repost from 2-14-2020

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