Bill Bonner’s third bold prediction

Bonner & Partners/Bill Bonner

photo of large pile of bundled $100 notes

“Had America stuck with real, gold-backed money… and/or had the Fed not supported Wall Street with ultra-low interest rates and $4 trillion of new money… the situation would be much different. There would be no trade deficit with China. There would be no $250 trillion in debt. An F-150 would probably cost less than it did in 1971, not more. The working class would have nothing to grumble about… And Donald Trump would not be president. The Fed would not be ‘normalizing,’ because it never would have un-normalized. The rich would not be so rich. The Dow would not be over 25,000. The government would not have $22 trillion of debt itself. And we wouldn’t be up at 6 a.m. writing this Diary.”

USAGOLD note:  Another stellar piece of writing/thinking from Bill Bonner. . . .His third bold prediction, I should add, might surprise you.  It did me.

Repost from 3-4-2019

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