The jalopy economy

Daily Reckoning/Bill Maher

graphic image of road sign reading Welcome to Bedlam“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this economy that a miracle cannot fix… to fine-tune a phrase of Alexander Woollcott. We believe the economy was going at partial throttle even before the pestilence ran it down. It gave the appearance of an exotic racing auto — sleek, finely lined, waxed to a blinding sheen … But beneath this racer’s shining surface lurked a lemon…”

USAGOLD note:  Things not being what they seem is the theme of the day and instead of the “V-shaped” recovery we all wish for, Maher worries it is an illusion. Instead he sees “More debt, more warfare against savers, more monetary and economic bedlam, more of all of it — only more so.”

Repost from 5-27-2020

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