Buy, sell, repeat! No room for ‘hold’ in whipsawing markets

Reuters/Saikat Chatterjee and Thyagaraju Adinarayan

artist rendering of tulip in original book on the tulipomania 1637“Rob Almeida, a portfolio manager at asset manager MFS, said for years mom-and-pop punters, commission-free investing and more machine-trading have contributed to the trend. But 0% interest rates, trillions of dollars of central bank and government stimulus and high levels of uncertainty caused by the pandemic have added to the momentum.”

USAGOLD note:  Positive proof that a mania is in progress or an enlightened response to the times?  Time will tell, but we would confidently put our money on the former, not the latter.  Tulips come to mind ……

Repost from 8-3-2020

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