World Gold Council says gold may still be historically early in the cycle

World Gold Council/Gold Hub/7-30-2020

overlay chart showing gold prices adjusted for inflation and nominal price 1970 to present

“Gold broke a new high on 28th July, reaching US$1,940.9/oz on the LBMA Gold Price PM and topping US$1,981.3/oz intra-day. This exceeded the previous record of $1,895.0/oz set by the PM Price on 5th September 2011 and the $1,921.2/oz intra-day high the following day during Asian trading hours. On the heels of this milestone, investors are asking two key questions, which we explore in this report: How does this compare to previous highs? Is the price rally sustainable? Gold’s performance so far in 2020 has been remarkable. As of 28th July, it is up by 27%, significantly outpacing all major assets. This move up has been driven by a combination of: 1) high uncertainty, 2) very low interest rates, and 3) positive price momentum – all of which are supportive of investment demand. But there are reasons to believe that we may still be early in the cycle.”

USAGOLD note:  Thorough, well-grounded rationale on where we might be headed in the gold market. Particularly useful for those looking into gold for the first time ……The inflation-adjusted high for gold, by the way, is in the vicinity of $2800 per ounce.

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