In honor of silver’s epochal breakout

Clive P. Maund

“The purpose of this update is to celebrate and mark silver’s powerful breakout from a giant base pattern that started to form as far back as 2013 – 2014, a breakout which has only happened during the past 2 days, yesterday and today, with today’s advance finally seeing it break clear above the resistance at the upper limits of the base pattern. While this doesn’t mean it can’t drop back again it makes it less likely, and even if it does it is likely to soon turn up again. Quite clearly, when you are only 2 days into a bullmarket that is starting after the completion of a 6-year long base pattern, the probabilities are very high that it has much further to go, both in respect to time and magnitude of advance.”

line chart showing silver breakout with annotations by CP MaundChart and annotations courtesy of Clive P. Maund • • • Click to enlarge

Repost from 7-26-2020

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