Gold has surged due to the pandemic — and it could keep going. Here’s what to know about investing now

CNBC/Karen Gilchrist/7-20-2020

image of 500 gram gold bar with chart in background“As global stock markets tick further into unchartered territory, another asset class has been catching investors’ eyes: Gold. Gold prices inched higher earlier this month to trade over $1,800 per ounce, crossing a major psychological milestone not reached since 2011. Now, as coronavirus uncertainty continues to push the precious metal higher, some experts are suggesting gold could hit record highs.”

USAGOLD note:  CNBC offers a synopsis of recent events relative to the gold market including a rundown of how various financial institutions and other analysts view the metal’s future.  Much of this is old news if you are a regular reader here.  If you are new to the idea of gold ownership, though, this is a good entry piece that will bring you to update.

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