Silver to trend towards $22.25 by late 2021 – TDS


Photo stacks of silver bullion coinsSilver should trend towards the marginal cost of a unit of silver around $22.25/oz by late 2021. The industry is now set to operate at the very top of the supply cost curve, where the relationship between prices required to incentivize an incremental unit of supply is relatively inelastic and with convex characteristics. In fact, prices may move beyond the possibility frontier, as even a modest increase in demand will outpace supply growth. As inventory flows remain constrained, this environment could send prices far beyond our projections.”

USAGOLD note:  Some positive input from TD Securities on silver – a precious metals still in very strong demand at USAGOLD mostly in the form of one-ounce bullion coins.  More of the TDS’ rationale at the link above …

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