China talks of US decoupling and a divided world

Nikkei Asian Review/Katsuji Nakazawa/7-9-2020

“Amid the tensions, one published article has been the talk of the town in many Chinese circles. Written on the assumption that the novel coronavirus will disrupt China and the world for an extended period, the content is highly controversial. The article predicts industrial supply chains being torn up, a China-U.S. decoupling and a world split into dollar and yuan economic blocs.”

USAGOLD note:  For those who like to keep up with the big picture geopolitical scene, this article in one of the world’s largest circulation financial publications is a real eye-opener. As we have reported here over the past week or so, the yuan has been in a strong uptrend against the dollar.

line chart showing sudden appreciation in the yuan versus dollarTrend line inverted.  Chart courtesy of
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