Gold ETF inflows through May outpace records for any calendar year in only 5 months

World Gold Council/GoldHub

table showing gold ETF flows by country May 2020

Table courtesy of World Gold Council

“As investors look to hedge the economic risks of ballooning budget deficits and high valuations for both stocks and bonds, collective holdings of gold ETFs have now surpassed Germany’s official gold reserves and exceed the official gold reserves of every country except for the US. This also highlights the increasing acceptance of gold ETFs among investors as a means to gain exposure to gold.”

USAGOLD note: The strong showing is a reflection of continued interest in gold bullion among funds and institutions hedging an array of economic, financial, and geopolitical concerns. United States stockpiles were up 20.1% in May.  Also, note the strong interest in various European countries and Mainland China.

Repost from 6-6-2020

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