The number one rule for getting rich

Daily Reckoning/Robert Kiyosaki

photo image of a 1799 Capped bust $10 gold coin“A lot of people come to me asking how they can get rich quick…It’s the most disturbing question I get. Why? It’s the wrong question. It tells me that they don’t have the foundation of financial intelligence required to use their money well if they do – somehow – become wealthy. This is because most people don’t understand that, when it comes to being rich, it’s not about how much money you make. It’s about how much money you keep.”

USAGOLD note:  Those of you who frequent these pages know that Kiyosaki strongly advocates gold ownership. . . . “God’s money,” he calls it and an important part of the plan to keep what you make.

Image: United States 1799 $10 Capped Bust design, representative of the largest early American gold coin, minted from 1796 to 1804

Repost from 11-1-2019

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