Gold price exceeding $2000/oz would not surprise me – Dushnisky

CreamerMedia’s Mining Weekly/Martin Creamer

graphic image of $2000 per oz“’Regarding the gold price reaching $2 000/z, do I think it could reach $2 000/oz? Yes, I certainly do, and I think that given quantitative easing we’re seeing, the likelihood of interest rates being lower for longer and all of those factors coming together, I think there’s every chance that the gold price could exceed $2 000/oz. That would not come as a surprise to me at all,’ he elaborated.”

USAGOLD note:  The CEO for AngloGold, Kelvin Dushniskey, joins the “$2000/Troy Ounce Club” …… Also, discusses the mining company’s prospects at the link.

Repost from 5-14-2020

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