Keith Barron on gold and massive deflation

Financial Sense/Jim Puplava interview

“So now we’re in a situation where if something very drastic is not done and done quickly to get money into the hands of everybody, we’re going to go into a massive deflation, maybe even a dirty 1930-style depression. This is my opinion; I think they’re going to do the much-heralded helicopter drop of money. There’s been talk about debt jubilees. I think we’re going to see a situation where the broad economy is simply flooded with liquidity. And that is going to have profound implications for inflation going forward.”

USAGOLD note: Jim Puplava’s interviews are always worth digesting, as he tends to bring out the best in his interview guests.  In this one, he draws some interesting comments and analysis from Keith Barron, the chairman and CEO of Aurania Resources.

Repost from 5-4-2020

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