Gold still shines 50 years after Nixon. Will Netflix?

Bloomberg/John Authers

“The stock market, home of optimists everywhere, is doing very well at present. But gold, where pessimists find a home, is doing even better. In dollars, the shiny metal closed on Tuesday at its highest since 2012. The all-time high is in sight, and it has gained more than 60% since its nadir in 2015.”

USAGOLD note:  John Authers enlists his considerable analytical skills to explain what gold might be telling us about the economy and the stock market. “A rising gold price,” he says, “is always a disquieting sign.”  The charts below show the performances of gold and stocks over the past 12 months and year to date.

Gold past 12 monthsoverlay chart showing performance of gold and stocks over the past year
Gold year to date
overlay chart showing the performance of gold and stocks year to date 4-15-2020

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Repost from 4-16-2020

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