Gold predictions at FXStreet

April 15, 2020

Nothing like price to change sentiment – TDS
“We expect that gold will ultimately outperform, as the Fed’s massive QE program and the fiscal impulse will ultimately continue to suppress real rates.”

Looking for new highs above $1921 – Credit Suisse
“We see resistance at $1796/1803 next. Big picture, we continue to look for new highs above $1921.”

Gold Futures: Correction on the cards
“[T]he downtick in open interest warns against extra gains in the very near term and could open the door to some correction.”

Gold: Waves of buying – ANZ
“Gold prices rose above $1,700/oz to their highest level since 2012 as investors seek safe haven amid the global pandemic.”

Gold: Next major wave high around $1800.00 – FXStreet Team
“Previously the USD became the safe-haven asset of choice as a scramble of cash ensued. Now that moment has passed the reality is settling in and gold is soaring.”

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