“There’s definitely more upside for gold”

Interview of Voima Gold analyst, Jan Nieuwenhuijs

Strefa/Piotr Rosik

“If you are not a speculator, you should only buy physical gold. Only the physical metal doesn’t have counterparty risk and is fully independent of the financial system—which it offers insurance against. With ETFs you have numerous counterparties in the operational chain, including banks. What if banks start failing in a few weeks, are you 100% sure your investment in their ETF is safe. I don’t think so.”

USAGOLD note:  This interview covers a wide range of issues important to gold owners. Nieuwenhuijs is known for his in-depth research of the gold market and well-formed opinions like the one excerpted above. We recommend a visit to the link for the full interview.

Repost from 4-10-2020

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