James Turk – Massive gold price spike signaling epic collapse of the London Gold Pool II

King World News/Eric King interview of James Turk

graphic image of scrabble letters spelling health and wealth“But the real answer explaining the huge price difference goes back to what you and I were discussing just a few weeks ago when I said that the London Gold Pool II is close to collapse.  We are no longer ‘close to collapse.’ It is collapsing. There is no announcement from central banks like there was back in March 1968 when the first London Gold Pool collapsed. But we don’t need an announcement. The markets are telling us what is happening.”

USAGOLD note:  Turk brings a great deal of historical perspective and insight to the table and this interview is a prime example.  “All the markets are in turmoil,” he says, “so our number one focus should be on safety for both our health and wealth.”

Repost from 3-29-2020

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