An economists guide to the world in 2050

Bloomberg/Tom Orlik and Bjorn van Roye

Repost from 11-13-2020

cartoon showing a boat riding the rising tide“The results suggest that a remarkable period of stability, stretching from the end of World War II through to the early 21st century, is coming to an end. The center of economic gravity is shifting from West to East, from advanced economies to emerging markets, from free markets to state controls and from established democracies to authoritarian and populist rulers. The transition is already upending global politics, economics and markets. This is just the beginning.”

USAGOLD note: The only certainty in a world being turned upside down is uncertainty. If you get the impression that the point made in the wake-up call linked above is sufficient cause for a reliable long-term diversification you are not alone. We are all being carried on the long wave of history – destination unknown. Tom Orlik is the chief economist at Bloomberg Economics. Bjorn van Roye is the Senior Global Economist at Bloomberg.

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