The gap between paper and physical gold and silver will close

Seeking Alpha/Austrolib

“The United States monetary system is mutating and gyrating very fast, and the reported $4 trillion Federal Reserve credit bonanza has not even been implemented yet, let alone felt yet in the economy. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has exploded by $356.462 billion in one week to $4.716 trillion, a new all-time record high and the largest absolute single-week increase ever, by far. For some reason, the graph at FRED is not being updated. The runner-up was the week of October 1, 2008, which logged an absolute increase of $292.164 billion. This week blows that record out of the water by over 22%. And there is almost certainly more to come.”

USAGOLD note: The bar to the far right on the chart below shows the nominal growth in the Fed’s balance sheet for the month of March (through the 18th).  The bullion banks, he says, face the real danger of a short squeeze. “If you have no physical gold or silver in your possession,” he says, “now is the time to get some.”

bar chart showing the total assets Federal Reserve

Repost from 3-26-2020

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