Dr. Keith Barron: World is facing peak gold

Seeking Alpha-Financial Sense/FS Staff

“‘Not only does it get harder from a technological aspect,’ [Mining geologist Dr. Keith]Barron said. ‘People say, ‘I don’t want to go to places like Ecuador because there’s political risk.’ Well, the fact of the matter is if you found anything in the US, you’d have the Sierra Club… and everybody else on your back, and they would be bringing court actions and injunctions to stop you from doing what you’re doing.’ This political risk exists almost everywhere, Barron noted. In places like Venezuela, where the Chavez government nationalized resources, the mining industry has all but collapsed.”

USAGOLD note:  In addition to the environmental, political and geological restraints on gold production, we have a situation in the two countries where production is increasing – China and Russia – that the gold mined is being channeled into the national reserves rather than the open market.

Repost from 6-15-2019

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