MacroVoices: Gold is not just going to be ‘an asset’ but ‘the asset to own’ in the 2020s

MacroVoices/Interview of Ronald-Peter Stoferle-Incrementum/August 2019

Graphic image of bull, black and whiteUSAGOLD note:  Stoferle, along with Mark J. Valek, publish the widely circulated and referenced In Gold We Trust annual report. In this interview, Stoferle says “It is crystal clear. We are in a gold bull market again.” The most important opinion expressed is that the start of something different, perhaps very special, occurred in the gold market over the past 30-days or so. Stoferle and his hosts at MacroVoices delve into just what that “something” might be. If you are looking for fundamental insights on gold’s price potential, this interview will get you where you want to be.

Re-post from 8-11-2019

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