Gold past $10,000

Myrmikan Research/Daniel Oiver

“For the benefit of new readers and to jog the memories of long-time followers, let us work through the admittedly circuitous but conceptually simple reasoning behind the reason why the dollar price of gold is heading well above $10,000 per ounce.”

USAGOLD note:  This study ties into the one posted below:  “Unpleasant arithmetic for gold bugs”.  What happens when someday, not if, according to Myrmikan Research, the world wakes to discover that the “much of society’s wealth has become entrapped in non-cashflowing malinvestments?”  “That,” says the firm, “is when gold will shoot into the multi-thousands per ounce.”  The two articles together are good reading for the deep-thinkers who frequent this website.

Repost from 2-24-2020

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