Gold is exploding higher because London Gold Pool II is close to collapse

King World News/Eric King interview of James Turk

photo of stacks of gold and silver coins“This feels like London Gold Pool II (collapsing) in 1968 when the central banks finally threw in the towel and let the gold price run free.  I think we are very, very close to a repeat of that moment some time this year and maybe in the not-too-distant future.  The shortages of physical metal are showing up both for gold and for silver and that is starting to reflect itself in the price movements.  We are at a historic moment, Eric, and I think years from now we are going to look back at 2020 and say, ‘That was the year when the metals really started moving back toward their fair value,’ which is significantly higher than current prices.” – James Turk, GoldMoney

USAGOLD note:  Turk at his best.  The full interview including price near-term targets for silver is recommended at the link above. “Our patience,” he says, “is being rewarded and it is going to continue to be rewarded as the precious metals move higher in the weeks and months ahead.”

Repost from 2-24-2020

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