Ken Griffin says markets are unprepared for inflation

Bloomberg/Hema Parmar and Lananh Nguyen

“U.S. markets are “utterly and completely unprepared” for the possibility that inflation might pick up after years of subdued price gains, hedge fund manager Ken Griffin said.”

USAGOLD note:  Griffin joins a small group of analysts and money managers preparing for inflation’s return in the months ahead.  If it comes, he is right.  Most investors will be caught flatfooted.  In the past, money supply growth has been the precursor to inflation on an 18-month to two-year lag. As you can see, the money supply represented by MZM is now growing. The chart shows the change from a year ago in billions of dollars. We have included the nominal price of gold to show the possibility of a developing correlation.

Overlay chart showing the developing correlation between the price of gold and growth in the money supply (MZM)
Repost from 2-8-2020
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