Silver – A sleeping bull

Seeking Alpha/Andrew Hecht/1-25-2020

graphic image showing eighty seven to one gold silver ratio
“In modern times, since the 1970s, the average level of the relationship between the two precious metals has been around fifty-five ounces of silver value in each ounce of gold value. When the ratio between the metals is below the 55:1 level, silver is historically expensive compared to gold. At levels above 55:1, silver becomes historically cheap. . .Silver could be a sleeping bull at the $18 per ounce level.

USAGOLD note:  At present, the gold-silver ratio is near 87:1. Quite a few among our regular clientele who normally concentrate capital in gold have taken the step to fill their ‘silver gap’ at the current price ratio.  Within that group, a good many opt to store the metal at a depository facility by which you can buy or sell with a phone call and it is fully insured. Cost-wise, it is competitive with an ETF and offers the additional advantage of a delivery option in case you would rather have your silver nearby at some point in the future.  We invite you to contact us for details.

Repost from 1-28-2020

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