Europe’s renewed interest in gold

Singapore Bullion Market Association/Ronald Stoferle/January, 2020

graphic image of golden scepter“Europe might be called the ‘old continent’ and be struggling in various fields such as economic growth, innovation, and demography. Nevertheless, or rather because of this, interest in gold, a crisis proven asset, has increased in recent years, not only among private and institutional investors, but also among central banks. Far from being a ‘barbarous relic’, gold is making a strong comeback on the old continent, which seems to be only in its early stages.”

USAGOLD note:  I found Stoferle’s concluding remarks, as posted above, intriguing and in a way comforting.  For those of us with our roots in Europe, it may be a reminder of our own heritage. I can remember as a child my grandfather and father referring to Europe, not as the ‘old continent’, but as the ‘old country’ – to distinguish it, one would think, from the ‘new world.’

Repost from 1-16-2020

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