Gold and silver are looking like a good bet

MoneyWeek/Dominic Frisby

graphic image of a gold bull against blue background with arrows pointing higher“I ran into Jim Mellon at a party at the weekend, and we soon got talking about markets. One of his comments – stated with surety and simplicity – has stuck in my mind. ‘Investing in 2020 is going to be easy,’ he said. ‘All you need to do is own gold and silver.’ He said it like it was a no-brainer.”

USAGOLD note:  Dominic Frisby makes an interesting revelation in this piece having to do with gold’s 144-day moving average. He also passes along Ross Norman’s gold and silver predictions for 2020. That carries some relevance because Norman is “the LBMA’s number one forecaster over the last 22 years.”

Repost from 1-28-2020

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