The Perth Mint attributes sales surge to a single European country

Kitco/Anna Golubova/1-15-2020

photo of gold Australian Kangaroo“Gold coin and minted gold bar sales from December showed a 45% uptick compared to the previous month. There was a total of 78,912 ounces of gold coins and minted bars sold in December, marking the highest monthly increase since October 2016, The Perth Mint said last week. The year-over-year comparison shows that sales were up 170%.”

USAGOLD note:  This article raises two items of more than passing interest among gold owners and advocates.  One is the Perth MInt’s experiencing very strong demand for its bullion coin production – in stark contrast to the U.S. Mint’s dismal numbers.  The other is the source of that demand.  At first blush, one would think that the reason for the differentiation is Far Eastern demand given the Perth Mint’s location. Surprisingly, though, Germany, according to the mint, is the source of that demand where investors are concerned about a developing economic slowdown. 

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