James Dines’ big 2020 market analysis

The Outsider’s Club/Nick Hodge/1-11-2020

graphic image of 'perfect choice' badge-ribbon“With so many balls in the air — a contentious presidential election, restructuring the world’s supply chains, risk of wars, worldwide street protests in India, Chile, Iraq, Hong Kong, and even Iran, in addition to the economic concerns discussed above — all suggest that investors should be wary. A rush to seek refuge into countertrend gold could induce gold and silver prices even higher than almost anybody might now expect. Rich or poor, it’s good to own a lot of gold; and you can quote TDL [The Dines Letter] on that.”

USAGOLD note: For more on James Dines’ thinking, we recommend a visit to the link posted above and a subscription to his always controversial and often helpful investment letter (linked in the quote above) – one of the original gold bugs.

Image courtesy of Visual Capitalist

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